Polish Series!

I was looking for something like Destinos for Polish and I think I managed to find something very similar:

Here is the channel:


Destinos – series to learn Spanish

I might have posted this before, however here is a link to “Destinos”, a series for Spanish learners. It was made in the early 1990s and is made like a telenovela, following the story of a woman trying to find out about her family. It was one of the earliest resources I used to learn Spanish.


Started watching a Flemish (Dutch language) comedy series to practice Dutch

Once you are at the intermediate level, you should start using (especially for listening and watching) easy native material in order for you to familiarize yourself with the language. Good easy native materials that you can include for this purpose are children’s shows, news, or series with multiple episodes (such as comedy series, or telenovelas). Of course the choice of what you watch will depend on what your interests are. You will need to choose something that actually interests you or is entertaining, otherwise you will never be able to sit through it or use it properly.
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Series That Can Help You Learn French

When I was learning Spanish, one of the first resources that I used was a series called Destinos. There are also plenty of series that were created for people learning English. Now I have found a series for learners of French. These types of series are great, because you are actually following a story and in that way are learning the language a bit more naturally. This series is called “Extra”. For me, the language level on this series is a bit too low, however it is great for intermediate learners of the language.

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Free Language Course Materials Online

There are a lot of language learning courses out there, however for most of them you have to pay. There are however also a lot of free language learning materials that you can use. One of these are the courses from the Foreign Service Institute. These are courses produced by the US government to teach its diplomats on how to speak foreign languages. A lot of languages are covered by these courses, including some rare ones. These are very comprehensive courses and if you want to learn like a US diplomat, then they are the way to go. However the downside is that they contain a lot of drills and might be a bit boring. They are also a bit dated, with many of them being produced in the 1950s and 1960s. If you don’t mind this boring and dated part, then they are a great resource. I used the Spanish course when I was learning Spanish.
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