My new language learning journal

I have decided to start keeping a language learning journal again. I feel that in order to really focus myself on learning languages and to force myself to really concentrate on learning languages, keeping a journal is one of the best strategies to do that. In order to learn languages you need to be very disciplined and that is something that is very hard. Many times I have started learning a language or some aspect of a language, kept at it regularly for a few weeks, but then my effort would tail off and finally disappear. In order to progress in learning a language, you should set up a schedule and then follow it. A language learning journal is one of the ways of doing that. When you are forced to write something in it, then you are less likely to go lazy. It also gives you a way of reflecting on the things that you learned. Throughout this journal, I will try to document my own language learning journey, maybe document some language learning adventures and also make some posts which reflect my thoughts on different aspects of learning foreign languages. Hopefully this will allow me to be more rigorous in my journey to master as many foreign languages as I can and also to achieve my goals.

I had tried to keep a journal previously, but unfortunately that effort failed…

Hopefully this language learning journal will be more successful!


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