What languages I want to learn

So what languages do I want to learn? Well I already speak Slovak, Czech and English at native level, Russian and French at probably C1 level and Spanish at B2. My parents are mixed different nationalities and I grew up in different places, however I find that after learning English it is harder to learn other languages. In my case, it is probably because I am lazy and often try to take the easy route. Why try to learn another language, when I can speak in English? However on the other hand, I want to be able to speak as many languages on as high a level as possible. Call me a lazy perfectionist (not a good combination 🙂 ).

I need to improve my Russian reading and writing skills. I am sure if I were to spend some time in a purely Russian language environment, I could get that language up to native level. With French that might be a bit harder. Even though I live in a French speaking country (Belgium), I live in an international bubble and have a hard time finding people to speak French with. To top it all off, I feel uncomfortable sometimes speaking French, especially if I am in a big group of native speakers. That is because I am afraid of misunderstanding things. With Spanish, I spent 3 months living in Malaga and got up to a pretty high level very fast. I guess my previous knowledge of French helped. I got up from close to zero up to a fluent level in a relatively fast time.

Other languages that I am learning or want to learn include Dutch and Polish. Dutch I’ve been learning (however in a very lazy way) for a while now and I am at a high A2 level. With Polish I only took a beginners course, so can’t really speak it, but since I speak most of the neighboring Slavic languages, I can understand a lot of things. I also want to learn Ukrainian. At the moment I understand much of it, but my speaking ability is not good and I tend to switch to Russian mentally.

Besides those languages some other languages on my hitlist include Arabic, Thai, Portuguese, Persian, Indonesian (or Malay), as well as Mandarin Chinese.


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