Almost missed my plane – my journed to the Charleroi Airport from Brussels

I almost missed my flight yesterday. It was a Ryanair flight. One of the problems was that I had a quick look at the ticket the night before and thought that the flight was later than it actually was. On their tickets, Ryanair usually has two times: time when the gate closes and time of takeoff. For some reason when I was looking the previous night, I thought the time of takeoff on the ticket was the time that the gate closes. So in my mind, I thought I had more time to get to the airport than I actually had. I work in Brussels and to get a Ryanair flight you have to go to the Charleroi airport. It is sometimes called the Charleroi-Brussels airport, but that is a marketing gimmick, since Charleroi is a city that is an hour drive away from Brussels.

So to get to the Charleroi airport, you first have to take a bus or metro (or taxi) from whatever part of Brussels you are in. You take it to Gare du Midi. There you have to take a bus that takes you to the Charleroi airport. The ride on the bus from Brussels to Charleroi takes about an hour. The buses usually go every half an hour. I got stuck at work a bit and then when I got home, I BSed around a bit, thinking I still had time. Then for some reason, I walked to a farther metro station (in order to avoid having to switch metro lines). All this cost me precious time. When I was walking to the metro station, I realized how close I was actually cutting it. When I was in the metro, I was checking my watch every minute and once I got to the Gare du Midi stop, I ran to the bus. I arrived and the bus was almost full. There was a line of people waiting for the bus. I put my luggage in the luggage compartment of the bus and was worried. I had to take this bus, otherwise I would miss my flight. The bus driver announced that there were only 5 places left! I pleaded with some people before me and they let me pass in front of them! What a relief. I managed to get on the bus and catch my flight on time!

I think I should start drawing some life lessons and writing them down in this blog, since it seems I keep repeating the same mistake over and over. Maybe if I keep a collection of these life lessons, then I might not repeat the mistakes.

Here goes:
Life lesson: Always check the exact time when a flight is leaving and plan accordingly. Always have a buffer before the flight for some unforeseen circumstances.


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