Spanish Resources: Watching Spanish language shows on the internet

The internet is a great resource for people learning languages, especially Spanish. A lot of Spanish language shows put their shows online and you can watch them for free! What I’ve been doing lately is watching shows on the internet. It seems that with every new show that I watch, my understanding of Spanish seems to be improving. The best two days I have been watching two shows, a Colombian show called “Comando Elite” and a Spanish show called “Pluton BRB Nero”. “Comando Elite” is a classic cop show. It’s about an elite police team in Bogota. Some things might have been inspired by true events, since they are chasing some FARC guys. “Pluton” is a Spanish (as from Spain) comedy sci-fi spoof. It’s about a bunch of losers in space. 🙂 If you are starting out, I would recommend watching Colombian shows, since their Spanish is the easiest to understand.

MundoFox – Comando Elite
MundoFox is a Spanish-language channel in the US.

RTVE is a Spanish (Spain) channel – on this site you can find a lot of different shows that they put out


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