Polish – new classes

In March, I will start taking language classes again. This time it will be Polish again. Unfortunately I had to cancel all my plans for language classes back in September due to my ACL surgery. Hopefully, I will find the motivation again to force myself to focus on studying languages.


Anki software

I have started using Anki software to create flashcards to try to memorize words. It’s a pain in the ass to input (not because of technology, but because I am lazy), but it’s a great resource to help you study words later.

At the moment I am trying to input the two types of past tenses for Dutch and memorize them, but have stopped in the middle of the word list that I have. Hopefully will find the motivation to start inputting new words soon.

How did speech develop?

I ran across an interesting article that talked about scientists studying gelada baboons in Ethiopia in order to determine how speech in humans developed. These monkeys supposedly smack their lips together and make sounds that resemble human speech, according to the scientists. I always find these types of articles fascinating. In my first year of university, I took a course called “Human Evolution”. It was one of my favorite courses. I remember one day walking into class a bit late and seeing on giant screen in front of the class two monkeys “going at it rated R style”. 🙂 That doesn’t happen in other classes! It was all for science though. 🙂

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Les Simpsons en français!

The Simpsons in French with French subtitles! You can find basically all of the Simpsons episodes in French on Youtube. A great way to practice your French comprehension.

Edit: unfortunately the Simpsons videos with the French subtitles got taken down, however there are still Simpsons episodes in French available on Youtube (just without subtitles).

Weird changes in the meaning of words throughout the ages

It’s interesting how some words in the same language change meaning throughout the ages. For example if you would say some word to an English person of the 17th century, they would have a completely different understanding of it than an English person of the 21st century. For example take the meaning of the word “nice”.

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